Empowerment Journeys | Energy Healing | Ecological Activation

Resurrecting our ecological selves leads us into fulfilling lives by aligning with the Earth's seasonal energies in support of our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Kane Alexander McIntyre
Empowerment Journey Guide

As a Meditation Facilitator and communicative Energy Healer,

I support those who are in need of connection to a purposeful sense of self. Resurrecting a capacity for wholeness and embodying a clear, meaningful aspiration for life. My passion is to help others with their authentic selves and befriend their emerging energies.

Planetary Healing Practices


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

Are you ready to explore your heart and journey through your inner landscapes?

Experiencing our inner senses shares the necessary information so we may call in the energies that support our healing capacities. When we seek to understand our suffering with what vitality we have, what forgiveness we can offer, what fears we leave behind, and ask what harmony prepares us for a new participation of self, we come alive.

The landscapes you consciously create within builds your world.

What will you rework into the soil? What will you grow? What is the nature of your inner landscape? Where do you want to be? Whatever occupies your space, occupies your time. Being a witness of your inner workings and gravitating towards the dream of your own making allows you to psycho-navigate the territories within your control and respond well to situations that are out of your control. Creating a semblance with others in the resilience of space management discerns what you need best for yourself.

Through your representations of self, what you interpret into being creates a character.

Who manages your inner landscape? What is their personality? What is their right for being there? A character you embody with the occupation to give you perspective, possibility, and meaning in your everyday life. Giving you another ground to stand on. It's your path you create, within the branches of fear release, boundary setting, resistance care, and heart harmony... You must feel to heal, but the depth of what you feel is your choice. Let that empower you, the creation of who you've always needed to become is within you.

"Stop taking care of things you don’t want to take care of. Stop talking about it, stop reading about it, and stop saying how bad they are. Just focus on what you want to attract to you. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows." - J. Canfield

Powers of Spirit:

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Intention is our willingness to allow our inner freedom of expression to be carried by spirit. When we embody spirit, we are aligned with magnificent possibilities in compassionate service towards all life’s creations. 
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Our gift in life is to question the mysteries of the universe embodied in our soul; our blessings lie in the gratitude of exploring those mysteries. With gratitude, we offer our attention to what life has offered and in giving our attention, we can align ourselves with earth's co-creations more clearly and maintain our conscious efforts to see to earth's needs as much as our own.


Reciprocity is the key to our conscious relationships. To live well-meaning lives, reciprocity acts as the catalyst for all our decisions towards their highest good. We live for what is beneficial for each other and what could be more necessary than being mutual beneficial with the co-creation of life!