The purpose of Eco-Anastasis is to activate our ecological selves and symbolizes the resurrection of an eco-conscious world. This is an open response to what we’ve always had inside ourselves. To awaken our integral needs and question how we can align ourselves with our natural relationships. Our conscious lives are founded on commitments and in serving our responsibilities with love and gratitude, we can find freedom with a clearer awareness in our daily interconnections.


A Resurrection Journey


Kane Alexander McIntyre

Empowerment Journey Guide

Ten years ago I began my journey seeking the resurrection of my ecological self after a long depression leading to my higher calling. Seeing this light led me to explore different realms of consciousness through deep meditations and ecological affirmations, furthering my capacity of introspection for all living entities. At this time, I have received a Certificate for Body Movement, Ceremony Practices and Sound Work during a mentorship at The Living Centre and have also attained my Level 3 in Alchemical Healing as a practicing Energy Healer at Serenity Now Yoga. During these teachings, I felt called to empower others with energy work and help awaken our ecological selves so that we may serve earth in reciprocity. I am ecstatic to serve this call actively and willing to participate in bringing to life our mythologies that interpret life deeply and the sciences that explain our symbolic meaning of what it means to be human, via to perceive reality.