Alchemical Healing



“Change is superficial. Transformation is deep. It alters our perception of reality and therefore causes everything in our life to shift. Transformation is what happens when we live our life rather than analyze it.”

― Frank Natale

Alchemical Healing is an effective method of energy healing that involves initiating the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether from within, capturing an shamanic approach that offers a wellspring of wholesome thoughts and feelings for those seeking to connect to their ecological selves. This transformational medicine re-moves old emotions and places them where they are most needed to fulfill their highest purpose. Making space for new emotions to form in the wake of what once was and welcoming an opportunity to feel more aligned with our everyday words, thoughts and deeds. 

This session is for you if:

  • You are committed to working on yourself and willing to learn what patterns drain your energy.

  • Are looking to stay with healthy habits and consciously navigate around falling into the same unhealthy patterns.

  • Are in recovery from medical needs and need help with a health challenge, emotional distress or dis-ease. Symptoms may include feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, depleted, depressed or in pain.​

  • You would like to be heard on an energetic level. You are welcome to share your life journey & dreams. (It’s not necessary for your story to be shared when doing this work, but if you choose too, it will always be fully appreciated.)

  • Are longing for deep connection with nature or love.

  • Having relationship/family challenges.


You are welcome to relax on my massage table as we discern if you sense any feelings, colours, images, warmth, coolness, tingling or releases, ect... These energies guide us to the inner tools planted in our awareness so we may be provided with a greater sense of relief, allowing us to come through with ease into a life of balance, love and relaxation. This is a process and journey of validation and I am with you every step of the way in love and light.

So long as you come with a healthy intention and honor what you feel at heart, the rest will do the work! My availability every Sunday from 8am to 6pm. Sessions are $45 cash and may take up to an hour or two. Please message or text 519-670-9949 to inquire for more information and book an appointment. Looking forward to connecting with you!